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Escape To Mauritius

‘Book the ticket, buy the bikini, never look back.’

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Recently I went to Mauritius for two weeks. Before I set off I had so many questions about the island what there is to do what I should pack etc and I really struggled to find the answers. So here is everything I know and learnt about Mauritius to help any of you thinking of travelling there.

Mauritius is located 2,000 miles off the southeast coast of Africa, so for those travelling from the UK it would take roughly 12 hours on a direct flight there. Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport is where you would be flying in to. It is located 48km from the city Port Lois. It is a very small Island and you can travel easily from one end of the country to the other in under 2 hours.

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The best time to visit Mauritius

Depending on the type of weather you are looking for the best time to go is between Novemebr – May as this is the summer season. However take note that the rainy season is between January- May. I visited in February and there was a cyclone and thunder weather for 70% of the holiday. When there wasn’t any rain the weather was beautiful.


 Places to visit

There are many excursions and things to visit when in Mauritius. This can include Dolphin viewing and swimming along side them in the wild. This is an amazing experience and as the water is clear you can see the dolphins so well. of course trying to keep up with the Dolphins isn’t so easy but those few moments you do get to see then and swim along side them is magical.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetDolphin viewing and swimming.

There are also excursions to visit Ile Aux Cerfs which is a private island near the east coast of Mauritius and you can get a speedboat to the island. Its a beautiful tourist Island where there are many photo opportunities the water is crystal clear and the beach is beautiful. When visiting this island there is also an opportunity to take a speedboat to visit one of the many waterfalls in Mauritius

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Ile Aux Cerf Private Island
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There are many snorkelling opportunities all around the island. A lot of the hotels offer the opportunity to go snorkelling. It is a relaxing trip where you can spend an hour in the water seeing all the beautifully coloured fish.

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Also taking a speedboat to visit Crystal rock which as the tour guide explained to us is Mauritius Eiffel Tower. Surrounded by beautiful crystal clear water and right next to it is a deserted island where beach BBQ’s are often held.

Crystal Rock

You can also visit the Sagar Shiv Mandir which is a hindu temple surrounded by water which is located on the eastern side of Mauritius

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Sagar Shiv Mandir

There is also the Botanical Gardens where the famous giant Lilly pads are. Also there is the seven coloured sand and volcano all of which I was unable to visit whilst I was in Mauritius.

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In order to get anywhere you have to use a car, for 3500 Indian Rupees the cab driver would take you to the south or north to visit the sites in those areas. The cab drivers are very knowledgeable about their country and it would basically be your own personal tour. I am unsure if this is for all hotels but the hotel we stayed in would call us a cab then we would get the rate for return journey. You would give the cab driver a time to pick you up to take you back to your hotel.



The main languages spoken in Mauritius are English, French and Mauritian Creole. Most of the locals speak English which is perfect for any English speaking travellers. There was never any language barrier problems when I visited.

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Food and Drink

If you are a seafood, curry, spice, fruit and sugar lover Mauritius is the place for you. Also a beach BBQ is always on offer. The local beer there is phoenix beer and of course they have numerous homemade rums in a variety of flavours. I am a fussy eater and when it came to food I stuck with pasta bread chips and chicken most of the holiday so If you are worried about the food there are always other options available.


If you have any questions about Mauritius don’t hesitate to ask!

Billie James

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Rose Gold Glitter Make-up


Glitter Eyes

‘Don’t let anyone ever dull your sparkle.’

Recently I have been loving experimenting with glitter. I have attempted many different make-up looks but so far this rose gold glitter eye make-up look is my fave. So I thought I would share with you how I create it. As I am not a makeup artist myself I spend hours upon hours on YouTube teaching myself how to achieve all these wonderful looks (most of the time it results in looking like I have a black eye). Practice and patience really is the key when applying makeup or trying a new look.

When creating this makeup look I always complete the eye make-up first because there will be some fall out. First I apply urban decay eye primer to give a good base. Using tape I apply a strip at the corner of my eye in line with the end of my eyebrow to ensure a perfect outer eye line. Then I use make-up revolution undressed palette. This palette is only £4 and the colours and pigmentation are beautiful. This is the perfect palette if you do not want to splurge on the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Using the shades puff in the inner corner of the eye, Rose Ash over the base of the lid; then applying a combination of Gild and Fawn to the crease.

I then use any multi-purpose glitter however there are products online like the certifeye makeup brand that have the most beautiful glitter pots. First take a clean flat eyeshadow brush and put some eyelash glue on it. Then dabb your brush into the glitter and press on to your eye. Continue this process until you have a good coverage of glitter. Make sure you press/dab and do not use strokes as this will wipe the glitter away. Depending on how dramatic you would like the makeup look is how much glitter you should apply. For myself, more is always better if your going for a glitter eye. Remember to let the glitter completely set before you continue with the rest of your makeup.

Next is blending. This is the most boring bit but really makes or breaks the makeup look. Take a blending brush and continue to blend in circular motions. Add further shades of gild and fawn as the glitter may over power your crease colours.

Add a pair of extravagant eyelashes and ta-dah you have your rose gold glitter eye perfect for any night out or occasion.

Remember practice makes perfect!

Billie James

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HD brows


Perfect Brows

‘May your coffee be as strong as your eyebrow game.’

So lets face it, we have all been there through the thin, the very thin, the thick and the wild. Yes I am talking about the evolution of our eyebrows. I am a rather hairy woman and the rate of which my hair grows I am sure is abnormal. So I used to rock the monobrow rather strongly when I was younger. However with age and knowledge I have slowly started to create some sort of normality in the eyebrow department.

I had seen so many reviews on HD brows and so many people were raving at how good they were and since having them done they wouldn’t go back to normal threading or waxing. So I thought it was time I took the plunge and got mine done.

Before getting HD brows I didn’t understand what was different to getting threading and tinting (which is a lot cheaper) however when researching it’s not quite so simple.

The HD brow treatment consisted of the beautician analysing the best shape to suit your face. Then they tint, wax, thread, pluck and if you have longer hairs cut them into place to create the perfect shape and thickness.

Before getting them done I didn’t know what to expect so I went with an open mind and let the beautician do her thanggggg. When I saw my brows for the first time I was shocked at how bold they were (yes how stupid of me of course they would be) however with an hour or two it didn’t seam so overwhelming and I was used to them and began to enjoy my newly shaped and tinted brows.



I don’t know if I would get them done again with tint as for day to day I don’t wear any makeup and I think they stand out quite a lot however if your someone who fills their eyebrows in everyday this would be a perfect treatment for you!

Billie James

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LVL Lashes


Love your Lashes

‘I’m not perfect but my lashes are.’

Being a girl can be very high maintenance, between lashes, brows, waxing, tanning and nails it can get rather expensive. I always become so overwhelmed with all the different treatments available and whats best. So what is the best treatments for the best value and that last the longest? LVL lashes have changed my life. I will not go on holiday without having my lashes done and now I am about to start full-time work I think it will begin to be a regular treatment of mine.

LVL lashes stands for Length-Volume-Lift Lashes. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It gives them a lot of volume lifts them up and if you get them tinted aswell you will not have to touch your mascara for a while! I am in love with this treatment.

Prior to the treatment any professional beautician would need to do a patch test a minimum of 24 hours before your treatment to see if you are allergic to any of the products.

The treatment often takes about 30-40 minutes depending on the beautician doing it for you. They start by perming the lashes and then tint them. On average I have found it costs £40. Obviously everyone’s eyelashes are different but normally LVL lashes last up to 6-8 weeks. The tint fades sooner than 6 weeks however the actual lash lift holds very well.

I recently had mine done at Harley Street UB10. Its a small little salon in Ickenham, the lady that works there is so professional and kind. For any of you local ladies thinking of getting them done I would 100% go there.



Let me know your experiences with LVL lashes! If you have any questions please ask.

Also keep an eye out for my blog post on my first HD brow experience!

Billie James

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What to do when you are broke


Broke January

‘Being broke is a temporary situation, I promise.’


Every year many of us break the bank at Christmas and leave ourselves broke AF for January which means zero social life. Here are six things you can do without breaking the budget.

1- Have a film day. I don’t mean be lazy not move from your bed all day and slob about. Actually plan it like you would if you were adventuring outside. Set a date start early have a shower put on your comfiest PJ’s collect as many blankets, pillows candles and fairy lights you can. Grab a few fave snacks and have a marathon of movies all day

2- Dry January? No chance Barefoot Pino Grigio is £6.50, so call the girls over get a bottle in and have a girly gossip night.

3- Be a tourist, go to London and visit all the wonderful landmarks that so many of us don’t acknowledge or enjoy enough. (I am one of these people) A trip around all the sights in London will take most of the day and you’ll only need to pay for lunch and travel. If your really on a budget take a packed lunch.

4- Clear out that wardrobe that has been crying for a spring clean for months. Try everything on and then anything you don’t want sell on Depop or Ebay. Clean wardrobe and some extra cash in the bank.

5- Take £10 and go to your local arcade 2p machines are my absolute fave and I could play them for ages. Or a game of pool to pass the time. It doesn’t have to break the bank and is a fun afternoon out.

6- Practice those makeup skills. I don’t mean do your makeup following a Youtube video, sit there and practice that winged eyeliner that’s always hit and miss or perfect those brows. So you kill it every time. You’ll thank me later.

It isn’t much but they are just a few ideas to pass the time and do something with your time off work that won’t break the bank. Here’s hoping pay day comes around pretty quickly!

Billie James

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Achieve your new years resolution


Don’t forget the past

‘Happy new year, have more ideas success and no regrets.’

Many of you are waking up this morning with either one hell of a hangover or motivation to become a better you. It’s a perfect time to start fresh with a clear head and set yourself some new goals for the year. Lets make them achieveable this year tho shall we?

Before we get into setting new years resolutions, take a look back at where you started in January 2016 to how you are ending 2016. For many it was one hell of a year, firstly where did it even go? One minute I was getting excited about my birthday in April the next I knew Christmas was in a week and I still hadn’t purchased any presents! In order to move on and develop a better you, it is a good idea to look back at what you have already achieved. What did you achieve in 2016? What pushed your boundaries? Or what made you want to crawl under your duvet and never come out again? Embrace the year you had because everything that’s happend is what’s moulded you into the person you are this very second. Embrace the good and the bad of 2016.

As lovely as it would be to become a millionair and buy all my friends and family a beautiful house, have an amazing career and become a victoria secret model over night somehow I dont think these goals are achieveable. Set yourself something achieveable and realistic. Here are my three achievable goals I am hoping to achieve in 2017.

Fitness and Health

Every Tom Dick and Harry is on the fitness train and wanting to eat healtier and lose all of the mince pie and chocolate weight gained over the festive period. Looking back on 2016 I found that the gym just was not for me so I cancelled my membership and instead I have opted for an at home workout scheme Results with Lucy (blog post on my thoughts of it to follow). However becoming fit and healthy isn’t only about exercising your bottom off 24/7. A healthier diet really is at the top of my agenda this year my mood,appearance and overall self is effected by the food choices I make so this year I am not swearing off all carbs and sugary snacks I shall be instead thinking to myself ‘everything in moderation’ because believe me a packet of digestive biscuits can easily be consumed in one sitting.


Everyone and anyone should get on board with this goal, having a positive mindset and acting positively to others makes all the difference to your life. You don’t feel so clouded or run down or like everything is getting on top of you. Believe me I can moan better than the best of them and always complain about something but this year I am going to attempt to keep positive thinking at the forefront of my mind and really focus on the positives in life rather than highlighting all the negatives.

Appreciating yourself

Not a single person I know does this enough, and thats praising themself and appreciating everything they have done. How often do you applaud yourself for achieveing something or working hard. I am hardly ever truly proud of my achievements I always think great thats over with lets move on to the next. Yes I was one of those people that no matter how many things I achieved or bought or worked for someone else would have it better and until I reached the same level I wasn’t happy. With  everyone showing their achievements and what they have bought on socail media how often do you find yourself continuously comparing yourself to others and then never being happy with what you have achieved. Not many of you may admit it but im sure you do. Instead embrace your success and what you think is successful not what others think. Appreciate your hard work and effort be motivated by yourself and what will make a better you not what will get the most likes on instagram.

Now the hard bit; acutally sticking to your resolutions and achieveing your goals. A few ideas to remind yourself throughout the year of what you set yourself in Janaury is to set an event or reminder on your calendar. Once a month or even one in July to remind you in the middle of the year so you still have six months left to achieve it. Also write them all down, every year I get a new diary to keep everything in and at the front I have placed my goals, even just fleetingly seeing them everyday or once a week may give you a little nudge to remember to strive to achieve each goal.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and nothing but amazing opportunities, many fun memories, happiness and joy is brought to you throughout 2017.

Becoming a better you is amazing just don’t forget about everything that made you who you are today.

Shirt dress: Misguided
Tights: Primark
Boots: River Island

Billie James

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New years eve makeup


Happy New Year!

‘Take the 1st as a blank page of a 365 page book’



Seeing as it is New years eve tomorrow and many of you lovely ladies will be preparing your outfit and what look you want to go for to celebrate the new year I thought I would share my go-to sparkle bronzed eye look. It’s really easy and simple to do and a bronzed eye can go with any outfit or look.



When using loose eyeshadows I always apply my eyeshadow first so any fall out can be removed and your foundation can then be applied after on a clean base. When going for a cat eyed effect use tape on the outer edges of your eye to guide your eyeshadow into a neat and crisp line. I can’t stress enough how important blending is. Im still learning and improving my eyeshadow application all the time to master blending takes time and patience. For this look I opted out of false eyelashes as I was happy with how my eyelashes appeared through the use of eye lash curlers and mascara, but adding a pair of falsies always adds bit of drama to the look. As it is new years eve I normally ‘bake’ my concealer to ensure it stays in place throughout the night.


Products used:

Mac studio fix foundation

Mac studio fix powder

Nars creamy concealer

Anastasia beverly hills brow wiz 

Naked Palette

Mac soft and gentle highlighter

Barry M dazzle dust 

Kat von D eyeliner 

Soap and glory thick and fast mascara

Charlotte Tilbury bronze and glow bronzer

Nars ‘orgasm’ blusher

Don’t forget to follow my tips on keeping your makeup in place throughout the night so you will look fierce from start to finish. I hope you all have an amazing and fun filled night. Remember to stay safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Billie James

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